Kevin Selzer
OLB_text_logo_white on blue V.png

Ohio Legal Blank Rebrand

Myers School of Art / Corporate Identity and Graphic Systems

Client: Ohio Legal Blank

Role: Art Director, Designer

Tools and Techniques: Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects

Year / Medium: 2018 / Print, Web, Signage, Transportation

Project Description: Rebranding of Cleveland, OH based legal form and paper company Ohio Legal Blank which includes new logo, website design, delivery vehicles, shipping containers, and uniforms.

OLB Mark Vert-01.png
OLB Mark Horz-02.png
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OLB VIP Cover.png
OLB VIP 2 and 3.png
OLB VIP 3 and 4.png
OLB VIP 5 and 6.png
OLB Van Right.png
OLB Van Back.png
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OLB Boxes 2.png
OLB Boxes 3.png
OLB Building Sign.png
Stairs Mock up.png